• Teresa D.

    I have been living in a little town near Washington DC for 6 months now, mainly to improve my English and, basically because I needed a change of scene in my life. After this half year, my English has improved a lot and I love my life. Now I can oficially say that I'm going to spend one more year in the US! If you are thinking about coming to work as an au pair, go ahead! It's a wonderful experience!

  • Alba G.

    I would totally recommend it! It is a wonderful experiencie. Well, here's my story: my idea of becoming an au pair came from a friend, who was an au pair and because I thought it was the best way of learning English, so after a year or so thinking about it, I made up my mind. I wanted to be an au pair. The problem was that I was turning 27 in 5 months time and the program only accepts girls aged 26. I first contacted my friend's agency and they told me they couldn't do anything for me because I was about to turn 27, so I started calling other agencies and Susana was the only one who took the chance on me and supported me along the way. She was in New Zeland and I was in Spain, but we started preparing everything. In my first week available to families, 3 families contacted me and one of them chose me. My host family lives in Maine and has 4 children hahah! It was difficult at first but I met wonderful people and I lived a totally different and a unique experience. And then, that crucial moment arrived: I had to decide whether to stay one more year or to come back to Spain. I decided to stay for one more year and here I am, in my 14th month in the US. I changed the family in order to live a new experience and now I'm living in Colorado. My feelings are like a rollercoaster: some days I'm up and some others I'm down, but that's the point of this experience. You learn to live with it and you grow tremendously as a person. You live new experiences, meet new people, learn a new culture and languages... many one-in-a-lifetime things. It can change your life for good. I encourage everybody to live this experience ;) Good luck to those who are working with their paperwork and many thanks to Susana for her help and support you gave me in order to live this experience.

  • Miriam L.

    It has been without a doubt one of the best experiences in my life. I was an au pair in New Jersey for a year and I learnt so much both personal and professionally. You adapt yourself in a different culture and you give and receive much. I highly recommend this experience to everybody! This experience has changed my life. When I finished my year as an au pair I decided to stay in the US and I have been around for almost two years now! ? Susana helped me a lot with everything. When you go on your own to another country so far away, you are always afraid, but Susana gave confidence and security to make this big step and helped me resolving any doubt I had. After having finished my year, we are still in contact and I know that if I have any problem, I can count on her.

  • Marta P.

    I wanted to be an au pair long time ago, but I felt like something was missing before making my choice. The fact of living on your own in a different country away from your family and friends it's a difficult decision, so I wanted to be sure and find someone who could give me the confidence to take that step. Once I met Susana I had no doubtsm I shortly knew I could trust her. She has been assessing me during the whole process and she has helped me any time I needed. I've been in Atlanta for more than a month now and this is amazing. To all of you doubting to do this program, DO IT, you will not regret it.

  • Debora L.

    Thanks to Susana I was able to live the dream of visiting the United States. I have been an au pair in Philadelphia for two years with the same family and now I start a new stage HERE in the States. Any doubt/problem/situation you might have, you can count on her. Her experience and her positive attitude will guide you through this path which, in my opinion, changes your life :)

  • Miriam PF

    Yesterday I finished my year as an au pair. It is important to say that even if there are rough times, it is all worth it. I did a rematch with my first family, but I finally found another one and I finished my year with them. There have been really good moments as well as difficult ones, but if you move forward, you grow as a person and learn a lot in so little time. Susana helped me a lot in the beginning because my parents didn?t want me to go, but they finally made up their minds and agreed. So you can count on her if you need help before or during the year!

  • Gina A.

    Susana helped me in achieving my dream of living in the United States. Since the first day we met, she explained to me everything step by step and in detail. I needed to know how this big adventure was going to be. She answered all my questions and was in touch with me every time, both in Spain before I jumped in the plane to NYC and being in the US during the year. I encourage you all to do this, it has been the best trip/experience of my life (so far!!). Thanks, Susana!!

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