Watch out for Scams

Some points that will help you to identify an au pair scam:

1. They will usually offer you a higher average wage for less hours of work. You can access to our Facebook page and contact some other girls working in the country you want to go to and ask for the regular wage in that country.

2. Sometimes they can ask you for money to pay an attorney or a travel agency. If you go as an au pair to a country within the EU, you don’t need any special documents. On the other hand, if your destiny is the US, then you will need a visa and a sponsor; however, the American government has a working program for au pairs which is controlled by them and you will be able to work there as an au pair through an agency approved by the government.

3. Do not trust extra money the host families may offer you that will increase your weekly wage considerably. However, it is really common if families pay you some more cash for the extra working hours.

4. Watch out for families who try to contact you through a social network. Families normally communicate with the au pairs through agencies or webpages like this one.

5. Do not send any personal information like your bank account number, Passport number or a photocopy of your ID without having asked an agency before. If you think that the contact may be suspicious, do not send confidential information.

6. Do not forget that scams are profesional people, so they will have everything arranged in a way that they sound as real as they can. They will look like a real family.

7. From these fake family profiles, they send standard messages, normally with a bad spelling or poor grammar. They will usually start a conversation using a “dear au pair” and they use to call themselves Mr. or Miss.

8. If you think you have been a victim, please, report your case to the closest police station. It is important to spot these scams and stop them so no one ever has to go through that again.

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